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NCCO9 Conductor Fellowship Program

Call for Participation


  • To encourage and support graduate students who are on the cusp of a career in conducting choral music

  • To provide an opportunity to strengthen conducting technique, score preparation skills, and rehearsal methods through participation in a conducting masterclass with NCCO Featured Artist Dr. Anton Armstrong of St. Olaf College, and members of the Morehouse College Glee Club

  • To provide networking opportunities with fellow collegiate choral conductors with the intent to develop mentor/mentee relationships that continue beyond the conference

  • To encourage graduate student activity at the NCCO National Conference


  • Applicant must hold an active NCCO student membership at the time of application. Two-year student memberships are $50. (Click here to join)

  • Applicant must be actively pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in choral conducting or a related area (e.g., conducting, music education)

  • Applicant must submit a complete application; incomplete applications will not be considered

  • All accepted fellows are expected to attend the NCCO 9th Biennial Conference at Morehouse College, January 20-22, 2022, and attend all Fellowship-related events. (The nature of the conference, whether in-person or virtual, will be declared by October 15th.)


  1. To ensure greater access for student conductor fellowship applicants, we have eliminated the $25 application fee for all applicants.

  2. Everyone who applies for the Fellowship program will receive a 30-minute mentoring session with an NCCO faculty member & conductor. This change will allow for meaningful engagement for all applicants -- not just those accepted into the program -- to further our goal of "encouraging and supporting graduate students who are on the cusp of a career in conducting choral music." These sessions will be arranged in December and January, in advance of the NCCO9 conference.


Below is a summary of activities the Conducting Fellows will participate in during and after the NCCO National Conference:

  • Participation in the Conducting Masterclass on Friday January 21, 2022 with members of the Morehouse College Glee Club and Featured Artist, Dr. Anton Armstrong
  • If in-person, a meal with NCCO9 Featured Artists and other fellows
  • If in-person, an evening mixer event with current choral faculty and other choral leaders; if virtual, a Zoom meet and greet.
  • $500 stipend + student conference registration fee waived


The Application Period has closed. We will announce the results by November 15th.

  1. Completed online application, available through [link to application]

  2. C.V./resume highlighting the applicant's academic & teaching experience, and their work with both collegiate-level and other choral ensembles

  3. Video selections, approximately 12-15 minutes, of the applicant conducting in recent rehearsal(s) and/or performance(s)

    • Video footage should demonstrate the applicant’s strongest work in leading choral ensembles
    • Videos must be submitted as either public or unlisted YouTube/Vimeo links (not private videos)
    • If an applicant wishes to submit an excerpt from a longer piece of video footage, they must provide a link to the exact portion of the video they wish for the adjudicators to review
    • Footage should ideally provide clear images of the front of the conductor; verbal instructions given by conductor must be clearly audible
    • Given the nature of the Covid pandemic, applicants may submit footage of themselves conducting a pianist, solo singer, or a vocal chamber ensemble; it is of course understood that students may have to submit pandemic adjusted footage (i.e. distanced, in masks, etc.) and an application will not be unduly considered in these circumstances.
    • Adjudicators reviewing applications will be considering the following when evaluating the videos (equally weighted):
      • Effective and nuanced conducting gesture
      • Effective and confident rehearsal technique
      • Clarity of verbal communication
      • Musicianship and musicality, as evidenced by their interpretation of the music on the recording
  4. One letter of recommendation from a current or recent faculty member or professional in the choral field who can speak to any or all of the following about the applicant:

    • Conducting skills and comfort in working with collegiate-level students
    • Potential for success in teaching and conducting
    • Progress in their academic degree
    • Leadership style
    • Collegiality

The candidate’s letter of recommendation must be emailed as a PDF by the reference/letter-writer (not the applicant) to Dr. Andrew Morgan, Hendrix College: [email protected]

Letters must be received by November 1 for the application to be considered complete.

The Application Period has closed. We will announce the results by November 15th.

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