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NCCO9 National Conference

20-22 January 2022 * Atlanta, Georgia

Hosted by Morehouse College, the Morehouse College Glee Club and Dr. David Morrow

Registration for NCCO9 is now open!

NCCO9, our ninth biennial conference, will be hosted in-person on the Morehouse College Campus, Thursday January 20 through Saturday, January 22, 2022.

In conversation with the Morehouse College administration and health personnel, we have jointly adopted the following Health and Safety Policies for our in-person conference.

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Early bird prices available through Dec 10.

For Graduate Students

The application form for the Graduate Conductor Fellowship program is now open.

Applications are due November 1st. Learn more.

Conference Program Book Ads

Reservations for Program Book Ads are now open. Please reserve your advertisement by November 15th. Click here to reserve.

NCCO9 Conference Theme

In line with our recently adopted Vision and Mission statements, our conference theme will be Building Beloved Community. Popularized by Dr. Martin Luther King, beloved community is an ideation of a community in which everyone is cared for. A community absent of racism and poverty. (Grace Tatter, Harvard Graduate School of Education)

NCCO9 Featured Artists

We are also proud to spotlight our NCCO9 Featured Artists:

  • André de Quadros & Emilie Amrein of The Choral Commons, who will lead an opening plenary, join our Expanding the Canon panel, and prepare a pre-conference exclusive offering for attendees; and
  • Anton Armstrong, who will lead our graduate conducting masterclass, give a plenary lecture, and join our Navigating Tenure & Promotion Panel.

NCCO New Honorary Life Members

The NCCO Executive Board will be honoring four new Honorary Life Members at our January conference, in recognition of their creative activity, teaching, and service contributions to our profession:

  • Anton Armstrong, St. Olaf College
  • Marguerite L. Brooks, Yale University emeritus
  • Janet Galván, Ithaca College emeritus
  • David Morrow, Morehouse College

Learn more about our honorees.


The NCCO Executive Board wishes to thank everyone who submitted an application for the conference calls. We had so many wonderful applications, and as usual, not enough space to accept everyone — though we did end up accepting more sessions than ever before. We are excited that this is the most diverse and inclusive applicant pool that we have ever seen. Thank you for trusting us with your scholarship, your teaching, and your creative energies.

We also wish to thank the individuals who served on adjudication panels for the NCCO9 conference.

NCCO Exec Board at Morehouse College with David Morrow

A Note About Our Decisions

The decision to not invite calls for live choral performances this year is both out of an abundance of caution due to the potential uncertainty of the pandemic and also out of a desire to celebrate the incredible innovation of our members in the area of choral performance videos from the past year.

The Task Force also debated whether to provide a hybrid option for this conference, and after much discussion among the Executive and National Boards, the decision was made to move forward with either a fully in-person or a fully virtual conference. This matches both the overwhelming desire of our membership for community to have a conference in some capacity and the staffing capacity of our all-volunteer boards.


With the ever-evolving situation related to COVID-19, all plans for the NCCO9 National Conference at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia are tentative and subject to change. The NCCO Executive Board reserves the right--in coordination with the Morehouse College Emergency Management Team--to postpone or cancel the conference at any time, although best efforts will be made to make a final decision about whether or not to move forward prior to the opening of registration for the conference on November 1st. We urge our members not to make travel plans (including airline and hotel reservations) until after registration opens on November 1st.

*The conference modality has been determined as in-person.

In addition, we have adopted the following Health and Safety Policies for an in-person conference in line with the Morehouse College administration and health personnel. All conference registrants will have to agree to abide by these policies at the time of registration.

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